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Ceramaret SA | CH-2014 Bôle / Switzerland | Rue des Croix 43 | Tel. +41 (0)32 843 83 83 | Fax +41 (0)32 842 25 02

A Company of


Pistons in ceramics and sapphire
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Balls & Seats for applications such as HPLC pumps, high and low pressure pumps, ...
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High quality Rotors and Stators, made out of High Purity Alumina...
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Components out of the hardest of materials such as Advanced Ceramics, ...
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Ceramaret is the leader producer of output guides for dot matrix printheads.
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Ceramaret supplies the printer and printhead manufactures with high quality printwires.
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Ceramaret offers custom-made solutions to its high-tech customers.
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Ceramaret specializes in the manufacture of small precision parts made out of Advanced Ceramics, such as high purity aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide and various ceramic blends.

All parts are custom-made and developed in close relationship with the customers. The know-how in the forming of the ceramics is the main key of Ceramaret's success. Axial pressing (single and double effect), Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) and Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) are the most common methods used for the manufacture of blanks produced near-net-shape. In many cases, the sintered parts can be made near net shape, close the required tolerances without secondary machining operations. Calcination and sintering is performed in very modern furnaces in which temperature cycles are strictly monitored and recorded.

Parts required are becoming more and more difficult to make "as pressed" and frequently need additional operations. Ceramaret is equipped with very modern machines to do the secondary machining operations, such as CNC machining, centerless grinding, single and double face grinding, lapping and honing.

Ceramaret is very quality oriented and over the years, acquired the certifications ISO 9001:2000 covering the Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 covering the Environmental Quality System, OHSAS 18001:2007 covering the Health and Safety within the working environment and ISO 13485:2003 covering the Quality Management System for Medical Device Manufacturers.

Ceramaret is also equipped with top-of-the-line measuring equipment, such as:
  • Tallysurf and Tallyrond to measure the roundness, surface finish, straightness and concentricity
  • Smartscope for visual and physical measurements of several parts simultaneously
  • Measuring Microscopes with and without display screens
  • Digital calipers, micrometers and dial indicators
  • Mechanical tester for compression resistance testing
  • Opticline for the optical measurement of complex outside shapes
  • Quick Control measuring software for the recording of the measurements as well as for SPC analysis
Parts made by Ceramaret are very diversified but are always used in high-tech applications, which can be summarized as follows:
  • Computer Peripherals: Zirconia output guides for impact printheads
  • Analytical Instruments, in particular the HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) and various liquid handling and metering systems: Pistons, piston / cylinder matched sets, Piston guides, Balls & Seats and check valve cartridges, rotors & stators for injection and commutation valves.
  • Medical Instrumentation: Insulators for endoscopes and electro-surgery devices, blades, sapphire tips for laser surgery devices, insulators for feedthrus, tubes, plates.
  • Dental: Zirconia abutments
  • "Maret Polishing": Polishing and thermal treatment of small parts in various metals mostly used in the high end of the watch industry and for various medical applications