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Press release

28 Feb 2017


The Board of Directors and I are pleased to announce that Gilles Robert took up the role of CEO of Ceramaret SA in mid-February.

After gaining a doctorate in ceramic materials, Mr Robert completed a placement in Switzerland which focussed on ceramic fuel cells, then spent over a decade working at a Neuchâtel-based company, a leader in the precious metals sector, with a market base similar to our own. During his time there, he took on a variety of roles; firstly, in business development, followed by management of a site in Singapore and, lastly, management of a Business Unit.

His appointment will enable us to further accelerate the development and diversification of our company by utilising our solid network of partners. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of Ceramaret SA, and to extend our best regards to you.

Frédéric Bonhôte
Chairman of the Board of Directors


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